Tips in learning English by Baruch Toledano

Part A – Mental Block

שִׂיחָה conversation  רוצה לשאול wanna ask מַטָרָה purpose   שאלה חשובה  important question  סוֹד  secret כְּבָר already חסימה נפשית mental block  להיפטר get rid of   תוכל  will be able  שפת גוף Body language אתה חייב להבין you gotta figure  תִקשׁוֹרֶת communication  יֶדַע  knowledge אָחוּז percent  תן לי להיות כנים  let me be honest כל העולם כולו. whole entire world צד הפוך an upside לדעת איך לדבר שפה knowing how to speak a language  עקוב אחריי  follow me לא מורשה not allowed מה שתגיד whatever מוּתָר permissible  תִקשׁוֹרֶת Communication מְסוּכָּן dangerous  מַזִיק  harmful  יתרון  an advantage בעיקרון basically הכי קשה hardest  זכר emembering עַצבָּנִי nervous סלנג) כי אתה חייב לדבר) Cuz you gotta speak אין אפשרות no option לבזבז את חייך waste your life אַחֲרָיוּת responsibility תתגבר על זה get over it

תיבת טקסט: Audio Transcript (spoken English)

Part A – Mental Block

­­­Hi. Hello. How are you? Good. Thank you. Wow! how do you feel? This, is conversation This is And today at Gate English courses you will learn how to have a conversation with another person. Because let me ask you a question. I wanna ask you what purpose there is in speaking English if you cannot speak English, that's an important question. How do you speak English if you don't speak it? So you learn the words, the words, the words, the words but you can't even speak it. So today at Gate English you will learn how to speak and let me tell you a little secret: You already know how to speak, you just don't know that you know, but I know that you know how to speak. Because you know a lot of words but there's something in you which I call a mental block that you cannot speak English.

But if you get rid of that mental block, you will be able to speak English today.     

Here is the secret. If it's a mental block, a mental block, then all you have to do is to let it go. Let it go, let it go, let it go. Bye bye mental block.

Part B – Body Language (1:43)

Conversation. Communication. Conversation. These are what make your English knowledge useful because if you don't speak it, then you can't use it unless you wanna buy something on Amazon or I don't know, but you can't really, it's not useful. Here's a little secret, I, Baruch, speak 93% of all languages in the world. 93%, okay, of every single language. I could almost be a dayan for the Sanhedrin. This is (fan [tastic]) and you know what, but you want to know why? I'll tell you why. I speak 93% of all languages because I speak with my body.

Body language. Body language. Body language. So when you wanna learn a language and you already know 93% of the language, all you gottafigure is the last easy, easy shmeezy 7%.

So today, we are gonna start teaching you how to

actually speak the language. But let me be honest, those 7% matter a whole lot more than all body language in the whole entire world.

Part C - The Power of Language    (3:24)

Now that we still do not know how to speak English (you don't, I do, but you know what I mean…), there is an upside (advantage – benefit – plus), there is a [FOREIGN] of not not knowing how to speak a language.                                      

Okay, now follow me. Language is like driving, communication is dangerous. You're not allowed to say whatever you wanna say. You have to say what's permissible (allowed, permitted) (מותר) to say. What's מותר to say. Okay? Communication, conversation could be very dangerous. Like driving. You could use (utilize) words to make yourself and the people around you, body language, and the peoples around you, better people.                                                                

Part D- Getting Over Nervousness (5:22)

I want you to leave today remembering, that you can speak English. And if it's hard a little bit in the beginning, it's hard to say those words and you get nervous , nervous I get nervous. Like a little Baby. Little baby. Little baby. Baby baby baby oh. You're nervous like a little baby guess what you do? You speak anyway!  

If you get nervous you speak anyway. Cuz you gotta speak man. If you don't let the words come out of your mouth, nobody, nobody will take (extract) the words out of your mouth unless you throw out those words. You get nervous, you speak anyways. There's no option, there's no option. Your only option is to speak. You wanna speak, you gotta speak.

It's like Hashem.                              .                                                                        

He tells you: "You want life? Here is life, use it!" You waste your life- you don't do important things- that's your responsibility. You know the words, you could speak English, there it is! Now speak it! Oh, you are nervous? Nervous, get over () it. get over it, in the past. Get over the mental block. And now you can speak English. Thank you everybody!

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