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Machon Lev Acadmic Level Besisi - Level 3

Method of using the video and audio clip

Welcome to Level 3 on line course. This course will alow you to improve your English in a number of areas. There are plenty of excerices in reading comprehention, listening, and spoken English.

There are many ways that use can use this program - it all depends on your objective.

If your objective is English for Academia then first read the reading section at least three times before you watch the video.

You can use the vocabluarly translation if you wish as you read along .

If your purpose is to improve mostly your speaking ablity and vocabulary skills then follow the following instructions.


a)     Listen to the audio a number of times before you read it.   At first you might understand just a little, but the second time you will understand more. By third time you should understand at least 25%. 

b)    Read the text together along with listening to the audio. Pause the audio whenever you feel that you want some more time to understand the reading better.

c)     Listen to the audio again after you read the text. Do you now understand the audio much better? Listen to it a couple of times until you understand the clip almost perfectly.  

Practicing session

a)     Listen to one sentence at a time, repeat every sentence.

b)    Practice by using "shadowing". After reading and viewing video several times try to say the sentences along with the speaker as

if you are a shadow (צל) of the speaker.

c)     Try to convey the message in your own words without looking at the text. Listen to a sentence or section and say it in your words.

d)    Be ready to present a certain part of the text to the class. Feel as if you're Baruch (or Bracha…). Try to imitate him; use intonation, body language and try to make your class members laugh!

Vocabulary builder

a)     Read and say aloud every new vocabulary at least three times in a row. You will remember them better that way. It's better if you say the word together with the phrase.

b)    Practice the article again, but this time use both words- the word Toledano uses and the synonym, as if emphasizing the idea. e.g." I wanna ask you what purpose there is in speaking English, what goal there is in speaking English, what purpose there is in speaking English…" "All you gotta figure, all you're required to figure, all you gotta figure, is the last easy…"

c)     Practice the whole article again, replacing the words that Toledano uses with their synonyms.

השלם והמשך